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Adrian looks forward to an electric Volvo future.

Adrian looks forward to an electric Volvo future.
Having spent 3 years working for Tesla, the Elon Musk led American electric car pioneers, Adrian Brand is enthusiastic to have joined Greenhous Volvo as a sales executive, with the news of Volvo’s declaration of producing all new electric and hybrid vehicles by 2020 still reverberating around the automotive world.

Adrian has lived in Shrewsbury for the last 13 years with his wife and two daughters and spent much of those last three years working between Birmingham, Manchester and Knutsford.  His new role selling the Volvo range leaves him excited that the next generation of Volvo cars will be all electric or hybrid models as he is a great believer in more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

In his career Adrian has been involved in retail with the likes of Sainsbury’s and WH Smith and at one time was a store manager in Covent Garden in London.  Adrian spent 6 and a half years as a Kia specialist in Shrewsbury before moving to Tesla.

In his free time, when he can get it, Adrian enjoys off road mountain-biking, photography and music of most genres, both live and recorded.  He also admits to being a bit of a technology fan.  All of the staff at Greenhous Volvo wish Adrian well in his new post.